How to Apply Wall Decals

YouTube is Great!

Now a days you can figure out how to do almost anything on YouTube. Below you will find one of my favorite YouTube tutorials on Wall Decal applications provided by "WallWritten". Even though she is only covering wall quotes, the process is the same for all decal designs. After watching all the videos in this series you will be ready to professionally install your new Black Dog Decal.

email if you have any questions before, during or after your decal installation.

Step 1: Preparing Your Surface
Step 2: Prepare and Position
Step 3A: Direct Application
Step 3B: Hinge Application
Step 4: Removing Transfer Tape
Step 5: Applying Second Color
Wet Method


Removing the Backing Paper
Separating the Layers
Removing Transfer Tape

Car Decal Applications

Once again I suggest YouTube for finding instructions on applying your decal on a car, laptop, or something similar. However, the process is very similar to the wall decal instructions above with one main difference, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol before applying your decal.

Many of these "car" decals are small enough to use the direct application method with little to no worries. For larger sizes you may want to consider researching a "wet application method" on a car, which is different from the wall decal wet application.

Please note, all decals sold here are for wall applications, however I do stock and sell outdoor vinyl in my Ebay and Etsy shop. All designs can be made with the outdoor vinyl, pricing is the same, please email for more details.