Who are we?


So this page title is a bit misleading — Black Dog Decals* is a one-man-operation! That's right, you've either stumbled upon my decal web store by the likes of google, facebook, or similar. Or maybe, just possibly, you've been one of my many repeat customers since this decal thing began for me in 2012, or was it 2011, it's getting hard to remember!

By "one-man-operation" I mean "I do everything." So when you send a contact email to Black Dog Decals you are directly emailing the owner/designer/production/shipping/marketing/everything guy — pretty cool right? Also, if you call the number on my home page, that's literally my personal cell phone, crazy right? I can't believe I'm letting this happen either and may need to change this one day. I need to note here that I'm really bad at answering my phone, mostly because 95% of my phone calls are spam, which probably has something to do with my number being posted publicly online! If I don't answer, be sure to leave a message and I'll definitely call you back. I do love email and it's the best way to reach me. Oh and by "I"... I mean, Kevin. Hi my name is Kevin and welcome to my decal shop, I hope you are enjoying it. (maybe I should of lead with that?) 

Alright, time to get serious. Black Dog Decals first started as an Ebay store and now has about 13,000 feedbacks (99.9% positive), as of the time I'm writing this. Next I started an Etsy shop and I'm in the top 1% of sellers there (according to I've made Ebay and Etsy quite a lot of money over the years and boy am I happy that you are here with me in my own dot com. Not bashing the two big "E's", they definitely got me my start and I wouldn't be here without them, nor do I plan on deleting my stores with them anytime soon.** 

Final facts:

• I'm currently in New Orleans, LA, USA but started my decal design career while living in the mountains of Colorado.

• I'm happy to make custom decal designs for you and pricing really just depends on what is needed and how long it's going to take. Send me an email for custom quotes.

• I do my best to get orders made ASAP, that's often same day but can be 2 business days. 

• Don't hesitate to ask any questions, I've heard them all (well maybe 99% of them).

• Did I already say how happy I am that you are here? I think I did, but I just want you to know how much I appreciate you supporting local arts and I hope you are enjoying your experience with dealing directly with an artist and not some mass produced art. 

• Black Dog Decals also has outdoor vinyl, it's glossy with a stronger adhesive, available in 26 colors, and cost the same. All wall decals can be made in the outdoor vinyl, but some have smaller size constraints. Email for more info.

*Black Dog Decals is actually the second name for my decal business. At first I called it Krittah's Stickers, which was just a little to weird and also a bit incorrect since I never really sold stickers, just decals. Plus, Krittah is my DJ name since 2002, so that got a little confusing. I think I only called it Krittah's Stickers at first because I wasn't really sure how this whole decal thing would work out. As time went on, my designs became more intricate, the business picked up, and the need to separate DJ Krittah from the decals became more apparent. Black Dog Decals was born officially in early 2018, but I've been in the decal business since 2012, or was it 2011?

** You can find my Ebay store and Etsy store link here, and both have designs that I haven't uploaded to yet for one reason or another.